For the student who was enquiring which modules he was to attend please note there are actually six maths studies modules. I am unaware of how many or which modules you registered for. Please see for details or contact the registration office.

At the moment I am aware of three Irish students and two English students who have a clash with this module. Please email me ASAP if you have a timetable clash (even if it is the same clash as one of these).

For those students studying GA 2014 there is an unfortunate clash with Monday’s lecture. As it stands, for those taking Maths Studies, MS 2001 is a compulsory rather than an elective module. In contrast GA 2014 is an elective module (for some students at least the choice is 2/6 for Irish). Typically the onus is on the student to select elective modules which do not clash with their compulsory modules. I consulted with the Maths Department in order to find an alternate solution (i.e. a different lecture time for Monday’s MS 2001), however none was forthcoming. As it stands you will have to change your Irish module selection in order to avoid a clash with MS 2001. Feel free to approach the Irish department, however it may be equally difficult for them to change the lecture time. I’m sorry we couldn’t solve this problem fully but as you can appreciate my hands were tied.

For those students studying the EN module which clashes with the Tuesday tutorial please hang tight while we come to some arrangement.