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These Weeks

In lectures, we finished off the notes.

Review Week

I will hold a tutorial on Tuesday at the same time and place. I should have the results of Test 2 by then.


Thank you very much for your work on the appraisal. Sorry about all the hairstyles.


You need to do exercises – all of the following you should be able to attempt.

When asked to find the critical points of a function defined on the entire real line (rather than just on a closed interval [a,b]), the ‘endpoints’, \pm\infty are not considered critical points.

Finding the limit as x\rightarrow\pm\infty means find an asymptotic.

‘Horizontal’ asymptotes are asymptotics.

Convex is concave up and concave is concave down.

Do as many as you can/ want in the following order of most beneficial:

Wills’ Exercise Sheets

Q. 11 – 17 from Exercise Sheet 4.

More Exercise Sheets

Section 4; Q. 6,7 from Problems.

Past Exam Papers

I’ve only just noticed that these aren’t necessarily available off campus — I will fix this in future. Although we have the tools to answer the italicised questions I won’t be asking questions of this particular form.

Q. 1 (d) from Summer 2010.

Q. 1 (d) from Autumn 2010.

Q. 1 (d) from Summer 2009.

Nothing from Autumn 2009.

Q. 1 (d) from Summer 2008.

Q. 1(d) from Autumn 2008.

Q. 1(e) from Summer 2007.

Q. 1 (e) from Autumn 2007.

Q. 2(a) from Summer 2006.

Q. 2(a) Autumn 2006.

Q. 2(a) from Summer 2005.

Q. 6(b) from Autumn 2005.

Q. 6(b) from Summer 2004.

Q. 6(b) from Autumn 2004.

Q. 6(b) from Summer 2003.

Q. 6(b) from Autumn 2003.

Q. 6(b) from Summer 2002.

Nothing from Summer 2001.

Q. 6(b)   from Summer 2000.

From the Class

1. Show that

\lim_{x\rightarrow 2}\left(\frac{3x^2-2x+2}{x^2-x-2}\right)=\pm\infty.

2. First example in section 4.7.