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So far we have covered the revision of functions and motivation.


My best understanding is that your timetable has been changed. You will now see me

Monday at 4 in B260

Tuesday at 9 in B262

Thursday at 11 in B188

Friday at 9 in PF45

This is still not finalised but is the state of play as we speak.

Continuous Assessment

There has been a late changes to the continuous assessment and coursework breakdown. This can be seen here in the Module Descriptor.

Rather than a 20% test in week 6 there will now be two 15% tests: one in Week 5 and one in Week 10. I hope to give you two week’s notice of each of these and also provide sample tests.


Please note the following taken from the CIT code of conduct for CIT examination candidates:

Where a pocket calculator is used it must be silent, self-powered and non-programmable. 

It may not be passed from one candidate to another. Instructions for its use may not be
brought into the Examination Hall.
The term ‘programmable’ includes any calculator that is capable of storing a sequence of
keystrokes that can be retrieved after the calculator is turned off or powers itself off. Note that the
capacity to recall, edit and replay previously executed calculations does not render a calculator
programmable, provided that this replay memory is automatically cleared when the calculator is
powered off. Also, the facility to store numbers in one or more memory locations does not render
a calculator programmable.
Calculators with any of the following mathematical features are prohibited:
• Graph plotting
• Equation solving
• Symbolic algebraic manipulation
• Numerical integration
• Numerical differentiation
• Matrix calculations
Calculators with any of the following features are prohibited
• Data Banks
• Dictionaries
• Language translators
• Text retrieval
• Capability of remote communication