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We have finished section 1.3.


The tutorials start on Wednesday.

At the start of the tutorial I will answer any questions about the notes/theory/course.

After this however I am going to put ye into two competing groups.

The first group is called TEAM AWFUL SAD  and the second is called TEAM I CAN’T DO IT.

In odd numbered weeks it will be up to TEAM AWFUL SAD to ask questions to TEAM I CAN’T DO IT from the tutorial question bank below.

In even numbered weeks it will be the other way around.

The way I hope this will work is that someone from TEAM AWFUL SAD will put up their hand and ask how do you question two or whatever from the tutorial question bank. Then somebody from TEAM I CAN’T DO IT will put themselves forward to answer the question on behalf of TEAM I CAN’T DO IT. This person will then be checked off as having answered a question and will not have to worry about answering any more unless everyone else has answered one question also.

Of course the other members of TEAM I CAN’T DO IT can offer to help at the board, and I can help a little.

If nobody from TEAM I CAN’T DO IT comes forward, BOOM!, two points to TEAM AWFUL SAD.

If the person who comes forward from TEAM I CAN’T DO IT really can’t do it, even with the help from their team members, BOOM!, one point to TEAM AWFUL SAD. At this point I will come forward and answer the question.

The roles will reverse the following week and TEAM I CAN’T DO IT will get the chance to ask questions and score points off.

I will keep score and the winners at the end of Review Week will get some kind of a prize.

If it works we might have a bit of craic and learn in ‘an active way’. If it doesn’t work out we can revert to something more traditional.

Tutorial 1 Question Bank

Questions 1, 2 and 5 from Exercise Sheet 1 (after page 59 in the notes).

Questions 1 to 16 from  the Additional but Harder Exercises for Definitions I (just before page 60 in the notes).