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If you don’t attend lectures and tutorials now you will fail this module and you will be made attend the entire module again in Semester II. Please don’t let yourself be one of these people.

Assessment 3 Results

Solutions to Assessment 2



As of 26 October: MATH6000 Lecture Notes (with gaps)

Also an E-Book: Engineering Mathematics by John Bird.

Also I don’t know why I didn’t advise this earlier — you would be well worth investing in a ring binder (to be kept at home or whatever) for your notes. You can see already the amount of sheets. You should be organised with these and only bring the ones we are working on to class.

Assessment 3

Your third assessment is in Week 8. Consult Blackboard for the latest and definitive information on assessments.

Units, Indices and Logarithms will be examined.

You will find an online sample test on your Blackboard. Please look in Content > Assessments > Assessment 3

The policy on missed assessments is very strict in CIT as you can see here.


First of all we tried to move the Computing Friday tutorial but it wasn’t possible unfortunately as there is no room available of sufficient size.

I will give ye a copy of the Scientific Notation and Logarithms exercise sheets on Tuesday.

Apart from this we have the following questions :

Indices: pages 75, 76 — and the indices sheet on the back of the “Chapter 2: Indices and Logarithms” handout. Please don’t do questions one and two on P.75 with a calculator — they are to test your knowledge of the definitions. Wayne Rooney uses a rowing machine…

Scientific Notation: p.85

Units: Q. 7 and 8 on pages 88 and 89 of the notes. The others questions in that section are relevant if you study physics.

Logarithms: At the moment p.104 and 105 but this might change.

Academic Learning Centre

If you are having serious difficulty with doing exerices for MATH6000 Essential Maths, particularly long multiplication and division (as you will have to do some in the first assessment), then please visit the Academic Learning Centre ASAP where they will sort you out as best they can free of charge. The timetable may be found here.

Calculator Use

If you have not used a scientific calculator in a while or are not sure how to operate one please consult this guide.