I am emailing a link of this to everyone on the class list every Friday afternoon. If you are not receiving these emails or want to have them sent to another email address feel free to email me at jpmccarthymaths@gmail.ie and I will add you to the mailing list.


If you don’t attend lectures and tutorials now you will fail this module. Please don’t let yourself be one of these people.


We have started section 2.4 and next week we will see how to do definite (with limits) integrals that require a substitution as well as some other integration techniques.  

Also I don’t know why I didn’t advise this earlier — you would be well worth investing in a ring binder (to be kept at home or whatever) for your notes. You can see already the amount of sheets. You should be organised with these and only bring the ones we are working on to class.


On Monday we will have a tutorial. We should be able to do the exercises on pages 96 and 102 but if we cannot we will have to work on these. Otherwise we will work on the exercises on page 108 & 109.

Academic Learning Centre

If you are having serious difficulty with MATH6015 Technological Maths 2,  then please visit the Academic Learning Centre ASAP where they will sort you out as best they can free of charge. The timetable may be found here.