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We have finally concluded our study of Laplace methods. Next week we look at Lagrange Interpolation and the Least Squares Method.

Winter Exam Format

I have changed the format of the exam somewhat. It is answer four out of five:

1. Multiple Topics Question

(a) Interpolation (b) Linear Algebra (c) Laplace Methods

2. Interpolation

Finite Difference Methods, Least Squares, Lagrangian Interpolation

3. Linear Algebra

Gaussian Elimination with and without partial pivoting, Cramer’s Rule, Jacobi’s Method, Gauss-Siedel Method

4. Laplace Methods

Three differential equations

5.  Multiple Integration

line integrals, double integrals with applications including second moment of area, triple integrals.

Test 2: Possible Notice

I want to hold Test 2 on Thursday 30 November in Week 11. If ye think this is a problem or is clashing with an established test or deadline please get back onto me.

Test 1 Results

I have them: please email me if you didn’t get yours during Thursday’s class.