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Assessment 4 Results

Will not be released until Week 12. This is for attendance reasons. A few remarks on assessment 4:

  • if you got question one, two or three wrong you have not been listening to me at all over the last two weeks
  • question four was answered well
  • a lot of people just used the formula to do question five. These people got full marks IF they got the right answer but be aware that in later modules it will be assumed that you can factorise quadratics. I completely agree that there wasn’t a whole load of time to practise these before the assessment. It doesn’t mean you can’t practise them now though.
  • a lot of people did this question in their head! I had to give these people the marks even if your ‘methods’ mightn’t work in general. Many of us did not engage with the substitution method of solving simultaneous equations as I advised and stuck to their old row methods and hence could not do this question.
  • an easy question answered poorly. If you have an unknown let x= the unknown. Let x= cost of Battery Type B. “Battery Type A” costs €3 more than battery Type B”…. €3 more than x=x+3
  • question eight was answered badly. Many people were not listening when I said that if we can’t mix units or else we have to change our equations. You can have r=0.7 and A=7.2, you can have r=70 and A=72,000 but you can’t have r=70 and A=7.2.


You will get exercises on coordinate geometry in the notes on Monday.

Assessment 5

Your fourth assessment is on Wednesday 12 December. Consult Blackboard for the latest and definitive information on assessments.