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Test 2

The second test will take place at 9 am next Friday 30 November. It is another 15% test that could arguably take 48 minutes but I’ll give ye from 9.05 — 10 am. Please find a sample.

Additional Tutorial

An additional tutorial for MATH6015 has been arranged for Tuesdays 17:00 – 18:00 in PF45.

To keep the numbers low at tutorials (so I can spend more time with ye) we have the following arrangement.

The BioEng students who have their lab in Week 10 (19 November \rightarrow 23 November) are known as GROUP I. Those who are doing their lab in Week 11 are known as GROUP II.

The following groups may attend the relevant tutorials:

Week 10

Tuesday 20 November: ALL

Week 11

Monday 26 November: Group I and BIS ONLY

Tuesday 27 November: ALL

Week 12

Monday 3 December: Group II and BIS ONLY

Tuesday 4 December: ALL


We evaluated areas under and between curves using integration. On Friday we showed how to evaluate volumes of revolution using integration.

Next Week

On Monday & Tuesday we will have tutorials where we will work more on the stuff for Test 2. On Tuesday and Thursday we will finish off the applications to volumes and introduce two more applications of integration.