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Test 1

The test will be held in Week 6 (Thursday 7 March). Please find a sample – (bit of a mistake here — change all the Ns to plus rather than minus). The test will be on the material covered in weeks 1-4 inclusive so everything up to section 2.3 inclusive. The test will be 50 minutes long. The sample is to give you an idea of the format and length. However Q.1 will be on finite differences, Q. 2 will be on Least Squares, Q. 3 Gaussian Elimination and Q.4 Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting. Lagrange Interpolation can sneak into Q. 1 or 2 while Cramer’s Rule can sneak into Q. 3 or 4.

Week 4

We continued our work on Gaussian elimination. We discussed Cramer‘s Rule; we explained why computers struggle with Gaussian elimination and learnt about Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting. We started talking about the Jacobi Method: a way of quickly approximating solutions to linear systems: especially diagonally dominant ones.

Week 5

Next week we will develop the Jacobi Method and the similar Gauss Siedel Method. At this point we might stop and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our five methods (Gaussian Elimination, Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting, Cramer’s Rule, Jacobi Method, Gauss-Siedel Method). Depending on time we might begin talking about Laplace Methods


Deadly serious: ye need to be A-standard on the first two chapters… they are doable for everyone with a bit of work. The later stuff will be challenging and will need a lot of work to reach a good standard.

This week it is

13:30 Groups S1 and S3 (M-Z)

14:30 Groups S2 and S3 (A-L)

Yes the following table should be A-L and M-Z not A-L and K-Z!