I am emailing a link of this to everyone on the class list every week. If you are not receiving these emails or want to have them sent to another email address feel free to email me at jpmccarthymaths@gmail.com and I will add you to the mailing list.

Test Results

You are identified by the last five digits of your student number.

S/N Mark
08272 93
64673 90
91054 78
50902 70
79455 65
92344 61
92352 58
64674 48
93152 40
58171 30
92343 28
04346 28
92345 25
93150 25
92351 15
51215 0


Please feel free to ask me questions via email or even better on this webpage — especially those of us who struggled in the test.

The worked solutions of all the Winter 2012 stuff we covered is here.

Please find a reference for some of the prerequisite material here.

Week 7

In Week 7 we looked at approximate integration. The notes that I gave you had a slightly different notation to the one used in the mathematical tables. Here are these notes except in a notation that is consistent with the mathematical tables. A corollary of this is that there will be no questions on errors in approximate integration.

Week 8

In Week 8 we did Euler’s method and we also did some Newton-Raphson and indeed Euler in the Maple Lab.

Weeks 9 – 12

Eight and half good hours of Laplace Methods — a Maple Lab and an open book Maple test. I will send you a sample Maple test early this week.

Math.Stack Exchange

If you find yourself stuck and for some reason feel unable to ask me the question you could do worse than go to the excellent site math.stackexchange.com. If you are nice and polite, and show due deference to these principles you will find that your questions are answered promptly. For example this rather technical question on the Euler Method.