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Test 1

The first 15% test will take place at 4 pm MONDAY 20 October in B263 (Week 6). You can find a sample in the course notes, after the section on rates of change I think. It is a test that could arguably take 42 minutes but I’ll give ye from 16.05 — 17.00. You will be given a copy of these tables. Don’t worry I’ll scribble out the “UCC”!

Note that the format will be the same of this.

  1. Differentiation from First Principles
  2. Tangent Lines
  3. Differentiate by Rule
  4. Differentiate by Rule
  5. Differentiate by Rule
  6. Rates of Change
  7. Rate of Change/ Geometry of Graph,

but this is dependent on our progress in lectures.

Week 5

In Week 5 we spoke about the duality/interplay between geometry & algebra and learnt how to find the maxima/minima of functions.

Week 6

In Week 6 we will have Test 1 on Monday. In the remaining lectures we will do more examples of finding local maxima/minima of functions and perhaps begin some applied examples.


The tutorial split is

ON EVEN WEEKS (e.g. Week 4 is even)
 – Group A’s tutorial is Tuesday Monday at 13:00 17:00 in B145 B189
 – Group B’s tutorial is Friday at 09:00 in B185
ON ODD WEEKS (e.g. Week 3 is odd)
 – Group A’s tutorial is Friday at 09:00 in B145
 – Group B’s tutorial is Tuesday Monday at 13:00 17:00 in B145 B189

Continuous Assessment

As can be seen here in the Module Descriptor, there will be two 15% tests: one in Week 6 and one in Week 10. I hope to give you two week’s notice of each and there are sample tests in the notes.

Student Resources

Student Resources are now collated at the Student Resources tab on the top of this page.