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Assessment 4

Assessment 4 is on Wednesday 26 November in the Melbourne Building at 6.15 pm. Keep an eye on your CIT Blackboard and email for the latest and definitive assessment information.

P.21 of the mathematical tables will be put on the exam paper. As a result the paper will be harder than the sample with ten MCQ and three longer questions.

Good practise for the longer, harder questions, is P.144, Q. 1-3, 7 and especially P.171 Q.8.

Week 10

In Week 10 we looked at the properties of the logarithm function in detail. We explained why only the bases e and ten are given special buttons on your calculator and we solved some exponential and logarithmic equations. We started talking about exponential graphs (an Assessment 5 topic) and started talking about the duality between algebra and geometry.

Week 11

In Week 11 we will speak briefly about how graphs are useful in science. The rest of the lectures will be spent covering coordinate geometry of the line.

You will need graph paper for your Week 12 lectures and tutorials.


  • Group A with Mr. Adrian O’Connor: Wednesday 09:00 in B187 and Thursday 09:00 in B185
  • Group B with myself: Monday 12:00 in F1. 3 and Thursday 12:00 in B165


If you go to

Blackboard -> MATH6000 -> Content -> Numbas Tests,

you will find plenty of online tests developed by Mr. Pat Ahern. Give them a try if you are at a computer!

Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

Student Resources

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