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Test 2

Test 2 will take place this on Monday 24 November in B263. Ye have a sample in your notes but note that partial fractions will not be in this test.

Week 10

In Week 10 we looked at antiderivatives that require a partial fraction expansion. Then we look at the applications of integration to area.

Week 11

After Monday’s test, we will look at how we can find volumes of solids of revolution using integration. Then we will look at how to find the work done by a variable work and find the mean value of a variable output.


The tutorial split is

ON EVEN WEEKS (e.g. Week 4 is even)
 – Group A’s tutorial is Monday at 17:00 in B189
 – Group B’s tutorial is Friday at 09:00 in B185
ON ODD WEEKS (e.g. Week 3 is odd)
 – Group A’s tutorial is Friday at 09:00 in B145
 – Group B’s tutorial is Monday at 17:00 in B189

Student Resources

Student Resources are now collated at the Student Resources tab on the top of this page.