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Week 12

Wednesday we spent an hour on sampling theory and then looked at hypothesis testing to finish.

Week 13

We will go through the sample exam on the board and then I will answer your questions if there are any. If there are none I will help one-to-one.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage — especially those of us who struggled in the test.

More Exam questions can be found as follows. Google “CIT Exam Papers” and press the first entry. Go down to Mathematics.

  • 2014 Semester 2 — MATH7021 — Q.1(a)
  • 2014 Semester 1 — MATH7019 — Q.1, 2, 3(c)
  • 2013 Semester 2 — MATH7021 — Q.1(a) [you only have TWO methods], 2(b)
  • 2013 Semester 1 — MATH7021 — Q.1(a), 2(b)
  • 2013 Semester 1 — MATH7019 — Q.1(a), 2(a)-(b), 3(c), 4(a)-(c)
  • 2013 Autumn — MATH7019 — Q.1(a), 2, 4(a)-(d)
  • 2013 Autumn — MATH7021 — Q.1(a), 2(b)
  • 2012 Semester 2 — MATH7019 — Q.1 [(a) & (b) should be +M not -M], 2, 4(b)

Student Resources

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