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Repeat Students — particularly EXAM ONLY

There have been some changes made to MATH7021

– The chapter on Curve Fitting from MATH7021 has been moved into MATH7019

– In the Linear Algebra Chapter, the Jacobi & Gauss-Siedel Methods have been thrown out. Applications of linear systems to network flows and the heating of plates have been added.

– Second Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations have been moved from MATH7019 and are now studied as in MATH7021

– The Chapter on Laplace Methods has been unchanged

– Line Integrals have been removed from MATH7021 and instead there will be a greater emphasis on double and triple integrals.

To find out the exact syllabus please consult the module descriptor.


The manuals are  available in the Reprographic Centre and must be purchased as soon as possible.

Week 1

We finished the first chapter on Linear Algebra. Essentially, for us, simultaneous equations. We looked at Gaussian Elimination — and saw the case of infinite solutions. If you download Maple (see Student Resources), there is a Maple Tutor that is easy to use and will help you. Open up Maple and go to Tools -> Tutors ->Linear Algebra -> Gaussian Elimination.

Week 2

We will give you some time to do solve Linear Systems yourself and then we will look at some applications to network flow and perhaps Cramer’s Rule.

Assessment 1

Assessment 1 will have a hand-in date of March 16 (Week 7). Expect to see the assignment late in Week 2 or early in Week 3.

Week 6

I will be away in Week 6 (9 – 13 March). I am proposing that we have SIX hours of classes in Weeks 5 & 7 although I must talk to Ted about this.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc..