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Catch Up Class

We will have one more catch up class on Wednesdays at 10:00 in C236 in Week 10 (after Easter). That is an extra MATH6040 lecture on

  • 22 April 2015

Test 2

Test 2 will take place on Tuesday 28 April at 11 in B214. There is a sample in the notes (after P.140). Before or after the sample there is a quick summary of the chapter — you need to know all these formulae and ideas.

Because the test is so close I am going to say that the question on partial differentiation will definitely come from P.132, Q. 1(a), 2(i)-(iii). Also the question on error analysis will be one of Q. 2,3,4 on P.139.

Academic Learning Centre Questions

P.114, Q.2; P. 121, Q.1

Week 9

We were very busy in Week 9 — finishing off parametric differentiation and studying related rates, implicit differentiation and beginning to look at partial differentiation.

Week 10

We are once again in a very busy week where we have to finish off partial differentiation, apply to it error analysis and start on the last chapter with integration by parts. I am going to skip some examples and because the test takes place not long after we finish the material, I have given ye some help for Test 2 (see above).


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

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