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Assessment 1 Results

Have been emailed to you.

Assessment 2

Has been sent to you. Please read the instructions carefully — especially those regarding the various typos. The hand-up date is Monday 23 November.

Week 7

We finished off our study of beams on Wednesday. Then we began the third chapter on Taylor Series by looking at Maclaurin series.

Week 8

We will finish off talking about Maclaurin Series and talk about more general Taylor Series near an x not necessarily zero. Then we will start the section on the numerical solution of differential equations that we need for the second assignment.


Environmental Engineering: Tutorial Monday 13:00, Lectures Wednesday 11:00, Thursday 10:00, Friday 10:00

Civil Engineering: Tutorial Friday 11:00, Lectures Wednesday 11:00, Thursday 10:00, Friday 10:00


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

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