Test 2

Test 2 will take place in B149 at 16:00 THURSDAY April 28.

There is a sample in the notes.

Student Feedback

If you would like to submit anonymous feedback on this module/lecturer, you may take the do so here. This link will be open until May 12.

Week 10

We spoke about partial differentiation and its application to error analysis.

Week 11

We will start Chapter 4 by looking at integration by parts. We will look at completing the square and work.

Week 12

We will look at centroids and centres of gravity.

Week 13

There is an exam paper at the back of your notes — I will go through this on the board in the lecture times:

  • Tuesday 11:00 and 15:00
  • Thursday 11:00

In the normal rooms.

We will also have tutorial time in the tutorial slots. You can come to any or both tutorials.

  • Monday at 10:00
  • Thursday at 14:00

Again in the normal rooms.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage.

Student Resources

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