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Your VBA Lab is now in A285 rather than A271.

Week 1

In Week 1, by briefly looking at a number of examples (many of which we have seen before), we had a review of some central ideas from approximation theory such as approximation, measurement error, accuracy & precision, iteration, convergence, meshing, error, etc. We started talking about Taylor Series.

In VBA we had a quick review lab, focussing on plotting data, command buttons, message boxes, input boxes, If-statements and do-loops.

Week 2

We will continue our work on Taylor Series and introduce the Euler and Three-Term-Taylor Methods for approximating the solutions of Differential Equations.

In VBA we might do a little work on Taylor Series and start programming the Euler Method.


The following is a proposed assessment schedule:

  1. Week 6, 20 % In-Class Written Test, Sample in Week 4
  2. Week 7, 20% First VBA Assessment, Sample in Week 5
  3. Week 11, 20% Second VBA Assessment, Sample in Week 9
  4. Week 12, 40% Written Assessment(s), Sample in Week 10


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

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