VBA Assessment 1

VBA Assessment 1 will take place in Week 6, (6 & 9 March) in your usual lab time. You will not be allowed any resources other than the library of code (p.124) and formulae (p.123 parts 1 and 2) at the end of the assessment (both are provided on the assessment paper). More information in last week’s weekly summary.

Written Assessment 1

Written Assessment 1 takes place Tuesday 13 March at 09:00 in the usual lecture venue.

Here is a copy of last year’s assessment. This should give you an idea of the length and format but not what questions are coming up. There are far more things I could examine.

Roughly, everything up to p. 57 is examinable. More specifically:

Maclaurin/Taylor Series

Examples 1 & 2 on p. 17; Q. 1-2 on p.19

ODEs in Engineering

p.22, Example, Q. 1-4

Euler Method

p.29, Examples 1-4; p.38, Q. 1-6, 8-9; p.48, Q. 1, 5(a)

Three Term Taylor Method

p.35, Example; p. 36, Examples 1-2; p.38, Q. 6-7, 10-14; p.48, Q. 3

Heun’s Method

p.43, Examples 1-2; p.48, Q. 2, 4, 5(b)

Second Order Differential Equations

p.52, Example; p.54, Example; p. 56, Q. 1-14 (some repetition here).

Week 5

We look at higher order initial value problems: we covered the theory in class and looked at them in VBA in Lab 4

Week 6

In lecture we will look at Runge-Kutta Methods while in the lab time you will have your VBA assessment.

Week 7

In the first lecture you will sit your first written assignment. In the second lecture we will look at boundary value problems. In VBA we will have to look at Runge-Kutta methods.


The following is the proposed assessment schedule:

  1. Week 6, 20% First VBA Assessment, More Info Below
  2. Week 7, 20 % In-Class Written Test, More Info in Week 5
  3. Week 11, 20% Second VBA Assessment, More Info in Week 9
  4. Week 12, 40% Written Assessment(s), More Info in Week 10


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

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