Student Feedback

If you would like to submit anonymous feedback on this module/lecturer, you may do so here. This link will be open until Friday May 11 2018.

Week 11

We looked at the normal distribution.

In Maple looked at Binomial and Poisson random variables.

Week 12 – Maple Test

The Maple Test should take no more than one hour but I am giving ye extra time. For various reasons, I have decided to schedule next week’s class as:

  • 19:05 – 20:25: Sampling and Control Charts
  • 20:25 – 20:45: Break
  • 20:45 – 22:00: Maple Test

The Maple Test will be open book. You have a sample Maple Test (this is also in the notes) with solutions (*the first with(Statistics) should be with(LinearAlgebra)). The Maple Test will not include anything from Chapter 2 (Lab 4).

We will speak about sampling in more detail and also introduce control charts.

Week 13 – Review

We will hold a review class on Wednesday 9 May in the usual room. First off, the layout of your exam is the same as Autumn 2016 (in the back of your notes): do question one worth 50/100 and two out of questions two, three, four; each worth 25/100.

I will field any questions ye might have at this time and if there are no questions we will do this exam paper. The best possible thing for your study is to do this exam paper and then on Wednesday see how you got on.

Maple Catch Up

If you have missed a lab you have two options: either download Maple onto your own machine (instructions may be found here) or come into CIT at another time to use Maple.

Go through the missed lab on your own, doing all the exercises in Maple. Save the worksheet and email it to me.

The deadline for Maple Catch up is Friday May 11 2018.

Independent Learning

Questions you can do include:

  • After Week 11: P. 124, Q. 1-10 (this is loads: more is Q. 11-21)
  • After Week 10: P. 102, Q. 1-4; P. 107, Q. 1-7; P. 111, Q. 1-12 (this is loads: more is Q. 13-16); P. 115, Q. 1-15
  • After Week 9: P. 92, Q. 1-10 (not too important); P. 96, Q. 1-6 (this is loads: more is Q. 7-13)
  • After Week 8*: P. 89, Q. 1-3
  • After Week 7*:  P. 89, Q. 1 (a), (b); Q. 2 (b); Q. 3 (b)
  • After Week 6*: P. 74, Q. 1-4; P. 77, Q. 1-3
  • After Week 5*: P.44, Q. 1-3, Q. 4-5 more abstract. P.47, Q. 1-3, Q. 4 more abstract.  P.56, Q. 1-3, Q. 4 more abstract. P.69, Q. 9 is an important question. A 2\times 2 version might be

 Use only determinants to determine if the following homogeneous system of linear equations has non-zero solutions:



  • After Week 4: P. 41, Q. 1-4
  • After Week 3: P. 28, Q. 1-5, 6-9 have answers with Q. 7 a harder question. P. 34 exercises.
  • After Week 2: P. 18 Q. 2
  • After Week 1: P. 18 Q. 1, 3 – 6. Harder questions are 7 and 8. For those who do not yet have the manual, see here.

I am not suggesting you should do all of these. It is recommended by the module descriptor that you do two hours of independent and directed learning every week but of course this isn’t feasible for everyone.

Student Resources

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