Test 2

Test 2, worth 15% of your final grade, based on Chapter 3: Algebra, will take place on Friday 30 November in the usual lecture venue of B214.

Here is a provisional sample test. If we don’t cover something by 20 November inclusive it won’t be on the test: this is so you will have two full tutorials before the test. This will be clarified on Tuesday 20 November.

The sample is to give you an idea of the length of the test. You know from Test 1 the layout (i.e. you write your answers on the paper). You will be allowed use a calculator for all questions.

I strongly advise you that, for those who might have done poorly, or not particularly well, in Test 1, attending tutorials alone will not be sufficient preparation for this test, and you will have to devote extra time outside classes to study aka do exercises.

Week 9

In Week 9 we finished talking about quadratics, and studied exponents; with a first look at exponential equations and exponential functions.

Week 10

We will introduce and study the properties of uses of logarithms.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage — especially those of us who struggled in the test.

Student Resources

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