Assessment 2

Assessment 2 is on p.136.

  • The hand in deadline is 16:00 this Monday 26 November 2018.
  • Hand it at tutorial today — or 13:00 on Monday. Otherwise drop it into my office, A283. I should be here Monday 11:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00. Outside these times there should be someone in A283 who can let you in and leave your assignment on my desk.
  • Hand in whatever you have done by the deadline: work handed in late will be assigned a mark of zero.
  • Email me your Excel work.
  • Print off a hard copy of your excel and submit this with any other written work.
  • Further instructions in the manual.

Week 10

We began Chapter 4 with a Revision of Differentiation, and on Wednesday you had a tutorial to get up to grips with calculating derivatives.

We went on to look at at Maclaurin Series.

Week 11

We will look at more general Taylor Series: not just near a=0 — and also for functions of several variables.

Week 12

We will finish off Chapter 4 by looking at Error Analysis, including rounding error. We should be able to hold an additional tutorial.

Week 13

We will go through last year’s exam on the board and then I will answer your questions if there are any. If there are none I will help one-to-one. Usual class times and locations.

We will hopefully also have tutorials on Friday 8 December at the usual times and venue: watch this space.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage — especially those of us who struggled in the test.

Student Resources

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