Assignment 1 – Results

Have been emailed to you. Some remarks to common mistakes.

Week 7

We continued looking at partial fractions and then the inverse Laplace Transform.

We had about 30 minutes of tutorial time on Thursday.

Week 8

We miss out on Monday due to St Patrick’s Day.

We will have two tutorials on Wednesday (p.121, p.112, p.103, p.100, p.99) before starting to look at Differential Equations on Thursday.

You will then be able to begin Assignment 2 after Thursday.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 will have a hand-in time and date of 12:00 8 April: the Monday of Week 11. Assignment 2 is in the manual, P. 164. Once we get someway into the examples on p.123 you should be able to make a start.

Week 9

In Week 9 we will finish looking at differential equations, and then have two possibly three tutorials.

Week 10

We will have another tutorial on Monday. On Wednesday we will look at Systems of Differenial Equations and have a tutorial on Thursday.

Week 11

We will look at double integrals and then have one or two tutorials.

Week 12

We will look at triple integrals and then have one or two tutorials.

Week 13

We will review the Summer 2018 paper.


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