VBA Assessment 1 & Written Assessment 1 – Results

VBA Assessment 1 Results have been emailed and I hope to have your Written Assessment 1 Results to ye Wednesday or Thursday.

Week 10

We looked at finite differences for the Heat Equation. This completes the examinable written material.

In VBA we implemented same.

Week 11 — 2nd 20% VBA Assessment

I will be in B242 from 08:30 – 09:00 to help with any questions, ideally the p. 146 tutorial equations. This is extra time that I am making myself available but it is just an option for you.

This tutorial time will continue in B242 until 09:55.

In the 12:00 class we will have a revision session, geared towards the 40% Written Assessment 2.

To understand how your student numbers generate constants (see below) see this VBA Test 2 from 2017 (do not read this as a sample – it included e.g. the Heat Equation which you will not be examined on and the Laplace’s Equation might be slightly simpler than what ye will have).

Your VBA 2 Assessment will consist of three questions:

  • shooting method
  • finite differences; steady state temperature uninsulated rod (more P. 90)
  • Laplace’s Equation

Formulae will be provided in the VBA 2 Assessment.

See last weeks’ Summary for more detail on the VBA 2 assessment.

Week 12 — 40% Written Test — After Easter

There will be no 12:00 class but I will be in B242 from 08:00 until about 08:40 for any last minute questions.

The 40% Written Assessment will be broken up into two parts.
  • Theory Element Tuesday 30 April, Melbourne Rows E-G, 09:00 (30 minutes worth but given an hour).

It will be geared more towards theoretical questions. Please see P. 108-110. More questions p.84, Q. 3.

  • Calculation Element in your Week 12 VBA time and lab, (45 minutes worth but given an hour and 45 minutes)

The second part of the Test will take place in your VBA slot. I have to tell you in advance what questions are coming up so let us say

  1. Second Order Problem Using Heun’s Method
  2. Heat Flux Density at a Point (p.101)
  3. Heat Equation

Each group will get questions with only minor variations from the sample questions p. 111 (more Q. 1 on P.55).

Formulae will be provided in the Written Assessment 2.


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.

Final Concept MCQ League Table

Unfortunately with my illness this kind of ran of steam so this is the final standings.


Please ask questions in the lab about questions you have gotten wrong.