Mathematics Exam Advice

  • The first piece of advice is to read questions carefully. Don’t glance at a question and go off writing: take a moment to understand what you have been asked to do.
  • Don’t use tippex; instead draw a simple line(s) through work that you think is incorrect. 
  • For equations, check your solution by substituting your solution into the original equation. If your answer is wrong and you know it is wrong: write that on your script.

If you do have time at the end of the exam, go through each of your answers and ask yourself:

  1. have I answered the question that was asked?
  2. does my answer make sense?
  3. check your answer (e.g. differentiate/antidifferentiate an antiderivative/derivative, substitute your solution into equations, check your answer against a rough estimate, or what a picture is telling you, etc)

CA Results…

with comments, should be emailed to you this week. Test 2 Marking Scheme here.

Week 12

We had some tutorial time from 18:00 – 19:00 before the test for those who could make it.

We then looked at sections 4.2 (completing the square) and 4.3 (work).

We did not have time to complete Example 4 on p.171, nor section 4.4.2 (centre of gravity of solid).

Both what we did in class and what we didn’t have time for can be found here.


If you want to do some work on Chapter 4, Further Integration before starting more general revision you could look at:

  • P. 161, Q. 1-15 (revision of integration)
  • P. 167, Q. 1-5 (integration by parts)
  • P. 173, Q. 3-7 (complete the square — \arcsin=\sin^{-1} and similarly \arctan=\tan^{-1})
  • P. 176, Q. 1-3 (work)
  • P. 182, Q. 1-3 (centroids of 2D laminas)

Week 13

There is an exam paper (Winter 2018) at the back of your notes — I will go through this on the board from 19:00-22:00 Tuesday night.

Past exam papers (MATH6040 runs in Semester 1 and Semester 2) may be found here.

Recall that this module is MATH6040: Technological Maths 201 and not MATH6015: Technological Maths 2.

Student Resources

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