I am emailing a link of this to everyone on the class list every week. If you are not receiving these emails or want to have them sent to another email address feel free to email me at jpmccarthymaths@gmail.com and I will add you to the mailing list.

Week 1

We had one lecture and after listening to me go on about the importance of mathematics to your programme we started the first chapter on Sets and Relations by looking at some number sets. We saw something new with the concept of the power set of a set. We also took the quick test.

Week 2

In Week 2 we will start the first chapter proper. We will see something new with the concept of the power set of a set, and set identities, and we’ll explore Cartesian Products and perhaps introduce relations.

Telegram App

I am exploring the possibility of setting up a classroom group chat that would have the functionality of WhatsApp without having your phone number made public.

If this is something you might be interested in, please download the Telegram app and set yourself up with an @ handle.

We might talk about this again next week.


Tutorials start properly in Week 2.

  • COMP1C-X: Tuesday at 15:00 in B241L
  • COMP1C-Y: Wednesday at 12:00 in B143

Quick Test: Academic Learning Centre

I would urge anyone having any problems with material that isn’t being addressed in the tutorials to use the Academic Learning Centre. If you are a little worried about your maths this semester, perhaps after the Quick Test or in general, you need to be aware of this resource. The timetable should be up some time next week.

You will get best results if you come to the helpers there with specific questions. Next week, some students will receive slips detailing areas of maths that they should brush up on.

Assessment 1

There will be a 15% In-Class-Test in Week 6. Probably the Tuesday 14 October. Expect notice and a sample test about two weeks in advance.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or even better on this webpage — especially those of us who struggled in the test.

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.