Please find a provisional plan for Weeks 8-13. I do not yet have any certainty around assessment. At this time it is my intention to deliver week-on-week up to 19 April, and then have three weeks of review after this. Of course all plans are provisional in the current environment.

Week 8 to Sunday 22 March


There are about 110 minutes of lectures. You should schedule 3 hours to watch them and take the notes in your manual. You need this extra time above 110 minutes because you will want to pause me.

I am trying to front load some of the lecture material so that you can complete the assignment if you so wish. In subsequent weeks there will be less time on the video lectures.


You need to schedule four hours to work on the following exercises. This is comprised of the one hour you would have normally and the three non-contact hours you should be doing all the time.

You can (carefully) take photos of your work and submit to the Week 8 Ungraded Tutorial Work those images on Canvas before midnight Sunday 22 March. After 09:00 Monday 23 March I will download all student work and reply with feedback.

If possible, submit the images as a single pdf file. To do this, select all the images in a folder, right-click and press print. It will say something like How do you want to print your pictures? Press (Microsoft?) Print to PDF. If possible choose an orientation that has all the images in portrait.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions at any time. My usual modus operandi is to answer all queries in the morning but sometimes I may respond sooner.

Start with:

  • p.133, Q. 1-10

If you finish these within the four hours, and feel you are comfortable with the Laplace Transform method, you can start looking at Assignment 2 on p. 167.

If you are still not comfortable, but have time left over, continue with:

  • p.137, Q. 11-18

Assignment 2

If you want to go over and above the seven hours suggested above, after watching the lectures you should be able to start Assignment 2 on p.167. I have no information at this time about submission but at any rate completing the assignment is a good learning activity.

Week 9 to Sunday 29 March


There will be one short video on damping (over-, under-, and critical).


You will be recommended to spend the remainder of your MATH7021 time, c. 6.5 hours working on the p. 133-8 exercises. When you feel you are comfortable with the material please begin Assignment 2.

Week 10 to Sunday 5 April


Perhaps of the order of 1.5 hours of lectures on Systems of Differential Equations.


Same as Week 9.

From this point on there is little point making advance plans for Tutorials.

Week to Sunday 12 April


Perhaps of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Double Integrals.

Week to Sunday 19 April


Perhaps of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Triple Integrals.

Week 11 to Sunday 26 April


I will go over the Summer 2019 Exam Paper. This video may be of the order of 3 hours.

Monday 27 April to ?

It is my intention to continue providing learning support for you.

Undetermined Coefficients

Only those of us who finished Assignment 1 early got much tutorial time with Chapter 2. I will hope that we will get more tutorial time on Chapter 2 at a later date, but until then, I have developed the following for you to practise your differentiation which you need for Chapter 2 here:


  • p.86, Q. 1-5
  • p. 91, Q. 1-7
  • p. 86, Q. 6