Please find a provisional plan for Weeks 9-13. I do not yet have any certainty around assessment. At this time it is my intention to deliver week-on-week up to 19 April, and then have three weeks of review after this. Of course all plans are provisional in the current environment.

Any and all work, submitted at any time, will receive feedback.

Week 10 to Sunday 5 April


If you have not looked at the Week 9 material you should do so now.

This week’s lectures? A bit of a disaster folks. I recorded about 60 minutes on Section 3.6 of the notes. However AFTER I uploaded them I saw that they were all out of focus and essentially useless. As I had already written the notes, I couldn’t re-record as normal.

Therefore what I decided to do was take photos of the notes and put them into a (pages out of order) pdf file which you can access here.

In addition I recorded a 20 minute lecture to explain some of the maths (but very little of the context).

My recommendation?

Spend 20-30 minutes writing the notes into your manual. After this, spend 20-30 minutes watching the lecture. Then, after watching the lecture, spend 20-30 minutes going over the notes again, and now hopefully what didn’t sink in, will now.


25 APRIL EDIT: If you are catching up you do:

p.184, Q. 1-4


You will be recommended to spend the remainder of your MATH7021 time, c. 5.5 hours continuing working on the p. 133-8 exercises. Start with:

  • p.133, Q. 1-10

When you feel you are comfortable with the material please begin Assignment 2 on p.167.

Otherwise continue with:

  • p.137, Q. 11-18

You can (carefully) take photos of your work (with questions labelled neatly) and submit to the Week 10 Ungraded Tutorial Work those images on Canvas before midnight Sunday 5 April. After 09:00 Monday 6 April I will download all student work and reply with feedback.

If possible, submit the images as a single pdf file. To do this, select all the images in a folder, right-click and press print. It will say something like How do you want to print your pictures? Press (Microsoft?) Print to PDF. If possible choose an orientation that has all the images in portrait.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions at any time. My usual modus operandi is to answer all queries in the morning but sometimes I may respond sooner.

Assignment 2

You are now able to begin Assignment 2 on p.167. My advice for the moment, for MATH7021 at least, is to focus at this time on learning rather than assessment. If you have gotten to grips with Laplace Transforms, doing Assignment 2 is as good a learning task as any. I am sorry that I cannot be more definitive than that at this stage. As soon as I have more information I will let you know.

Week to Sunday 12 April


Perhaps of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Double Integrals.


One hour and any remaining time on Assessment 2.

Week to Sunday 19 April


Perhaps of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Triple Integrals.


One hour and any remaining time on Assessment 2.

Week 11 to Sunday 26 April


I will go over the Summer 2019 Exam Paper. This video may be of the order of 3 hours.

Monday 27 April to ?

It is my intention to continue providing learning support for you.

Undetermined Coefficients

Only those of us who finished Assignment 1 early got much tutorial time with Chapter 2. I will hope that we will get more tutorial time on Chapter 2 at a later date, but until then, I have developed the following for you to practise your differentiation which you need for Chapter 2 here:


  • p.86, Q. 1-5
  • p. 91, Q. 1-7
  • p. 86, Q. 6