Please find a provisional plan for Weeks 10-13. I do not yet have any certainty around assessment. At this time it is my intention to deliver week-on-week up to 19 April, and then have review after this. Of course all plans are provisional in the current environment.

I want you to know from the perspective of MATH7016 that I am in daily communication with my Head of Department about a plan for your assessment. This has to be done properly, and indeed my HoD is helping me improve my plan.

Once the plan for the MATH7016 assessment is settled from my end, this will have to be integrated with all your other assessment.

This is why I have not been able to be definitive about remaining assessment. Trust however that as soon as concrete plans are in place these will be communicated to ye. There is no point in me speculating about assessment when all the ducks are not yet in a row.

My advice for the moment, for MATH7016 at least, is to focus at this time on learning rather than assessment.

This means my recommendation is, as far as MATH7016 is concerned, is to spend 7 hours a week on your learning.

Trust that whatever plan is devised for your MATH7016 assessment, it will put your needs first.

Week 10 to Sunday 5 April

If you have completed the tasks outlined in the Week 9 summary, you can now begin on the below.

Any and all work, submitted at any time, will receive feedback.


There are about 82 minutes of lectures. You should schedule 2 hours and 10 minutes to watch them and take the notes in your manual. You need this extra time above 82 minutes because you will want to pause me.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions at any time. My usual modus operandi is to answer all queries in the morning but sometimes I may respond sooner.

Lab 8

AFTER watching the lectures above, you should be able to do Lab 8 on p. 112.

Between now and Monday 6 April, you will be able to submit your work to Canvas, from which I will give you individual feedback. After 09:00 Tuesday 7 April I will download all student work and reply with feedback.


After watching the lectures above, you should be able to do the final MCQ, MCQ VIII.

Submit your answers here before 09.00 Wednesday 8 April.

You can still do MCQ7 if you have not yet done so. Submit your answers here before 10:00 Wednesday 1 April.

Theory Exercises

You should be spending about 7 hours per week on MATH7016. If you have any time left over you should look at Theory exercises in the notes.

  • p.111, Q. 1-2,
  • p.113, Q. 4

If you still have not spent 7 hours I recommend looking back at:

  • p.90, Q. 1-3

You can (carefully) take photos of your work (with questions labelled neatly) and submit to the Week 10 Theory Exercises those images on Canvas before midnight Sunday 5 April. After 09:00 Monday 6 April I will download all student work and reply with feedback.

If possible, submit the images as a single pdf file. To do this, select all the images in a folder, right-click and press print. It will say something like How do you want to print your pictures? Press (Microsoft?) Print to PDF. If possible choose an orientation that has all the images in portrait.

If you still haven’t spent 7 hours on MATH7016 maybe look at some other theory exercises in the manual. Any and all work will receive feedback.

Monday 6 April to ?

It is my intention to continue providing learning support for you.