You are advised to to spend seven hours per week on MATH6055. This should comprise of however long it takes to watch the lectures, and then the rest of time should be spent emailing questions, doing exercises, and catch-up/revision.

30% Test 2

The second 30% assessment takes place in Week 7 (week of 23 November, provisionally 6 pm Wednesday 25 November), and covers equivalence relations and Chapter 2. Relevant are the Week 3, 4 and 5 announcements on Canvas. Students who have been working on this material are in a good position and should be able to watch the Chapter 3 lectures while those who have not been working (i.e. doing and submitting exercises) are probably going to have to work on the Weeks 3-5 exercises.

Chapters 3 to 5 will be assessed in the final assessment in Week 10/11.

Zoom for Test 2

There will be two Zoom tutorials for Test 2 in Week 7:

  • Monday 23 November, 14:00
  • Tuesday 24 November, 14:00

I will send the links for these a little closer to the slots. Students are invited to attend one or both tutorials where I will be answering student questions. The tutorials will be recorded.

Week 6


Schedule about an three hours to watch this 2 hours and ten minutes of lectures.


Any and all submitted work will receive feedback.

Make sure all work is properly labelled with page and question number. For the Week 6 exercises, the feedback will be given Wednesday 25 November.

If you want to or need to go back on previous exercises feel free to submit to whatever Weekly Exercises assignment is open on Canvas, but drop me an email when you do (unless you can wait until the day after the due date).

If you are up on everything thus far (and thus prepared for Test 2, try):

Harder Exercises

  • p.91, Q. 5
  • p.102, Q. 13

Week 7

In Week 7 we will look at Chapter 4: Algebra.

Academic Learning Centre

Have you heard about CIT Maths Online on Canvas? It’s full of helpful Maths and Stats resources, notes, quizzes and videos to help you throughout the whole year. 

During this period of remote learning we will be using the Maths Online module on Canvas to offer Maths and Stats support to you and answer as many student questions as possible. 

1-to-1 Maths appointments will be available through Zoom. There are 32 appointments available per week. Please log on to Maths online to see the most up to date resources and to book a 1-to-1 video call. Find out how to add it to your Canvas dashboard here

Drop-in Maths is on every Tuesday from 12 – 2. Here you can drop in to ask our lecturer a quick Maths question.  

If you have any other question about our remote Maths and Stats supports email Joy and Deirdre at

See CIT Students tab above for further resources.


At the time of writing, the assessment will comprise two 30% assessments and one 40% assessment. Provisionally Weeks 4, 7, and 10.