Week 8

As you will see below there is a lot of lecture material. It might be wise to break your learning into Exponents and Logarithms, and spend 3.5 hours on each. Start the clock running on Exponents, after you watch those lectures spend the rest of the 3.5 hours doing exercises on them, and then repeat the trick with logs.

That would be ideal but the good news is that we have all but finished the lecture material, there won’t be too many lecture videos in Week 9, there will be none in Week 10, and so there will be scope to catch up. However you will be better off keeping up as you will need time to revise Chapter 3 Functions also.

You can always submit whatever work you want to whatever is open on Canvas at the time (but please label properly with page and question number).

Week 9

We will complete the mini-chapter on examples of functions. You will spend the rest of the time revising Chapters 3 and 4 (i.e. doing exercises).

Week 10

There will be feedback on submitted exercises Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I plan that we will have a number of Zoom tutorials (these are provisional):

  • Tuesday 14:00
  • Tuesday 15:00 C-X only
  • Wednesday 12:00 C-Y only
  • Thursday 12:00

There is a small chance that we will also have Monday 14:00 Zoom but will not know until closer to the day.

Week 11

The final, 40% Test 3 on Functions and Algebra will take place (provisionally) at 18:00-19:30 (perhaps with additional upload time) on Monday 21 December. There will be no more feedback on submitted exercises but there might be a 14:00 Zoom before the final Test.

30% Test 2 – Results

My aim would be to have these for you before Wednesday 9 December.

Week 8

Lectures – Exponents

Schedule about an hour and 50 minutes to watch these:

Exercises – Exponents

  • p.99, Q.11 (functions question that requires algebra)
  • p.128-129, Q. 1-10 [Hints: [9.35-12.40]]

Lectures – Logarithms

Schedule about two hours to watch these:

Exercises – Logarithms

  • p. 144, Q.1-12

Week 8 – Additional Exercises

  • p.129, Q. 11-15

Academic Learning Centre

Have you heard about CIT Maths Online on Canvas? It’s full of helpful Maths and Stats resources, notes, quizzes and videos to help you throughout the whole year. 

During this period of remote learning we will be using the Maths Online module on Canvas to offer Maths and Stats support to you and answer as many student questions as possible. 

1-to-1 Maths appointments will be available through Zoom. There are 32 appointments available per week. Please log on to Maths online to see the most up to date resources and to book a 1-to-1 video call. Find out how to add it to your Canvas dashboard here https://studentengagement.cit.ie/alc/resources.maths

Drop-in Maths is on every Tuesday from 12 – 2. Here you can drop in to ask our lecturer a quick Maths question.  

If you have any other question about our remote Maths and Stats supports email Joy and Deirdre at academiclearning@cit.ie

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