VBA Assessment 1 – Due 7 March

Hopefully I have designed something in which you can take your time, get things right, get some good marks, and show off what you can do. You are advised to complete VBA Lab 3 first. 

I recommend watching the Week 6 lectures, but perhaps it might suit students to complete VBA Assessment 1 before looking at Week 6 Exercises. Do not let VBA Assessment slide very late as you will need time to prepare for Written Assessment 1. Really you should be looking to complete VBA Assessment 1 a few days before the due date. There is no lab in Week 6 in order to give you more time.

Written Assessment 1 – Week 7

25% Written Assessment 1, based on Weeks 1-5, so everything up to p.73.

It will be a one hour assessment, but I am going to give ye 15 minutes grace, as well as 15 minutes to upload. The test will run therefore from 09.30 to 11.00, Tuesday 9 March. It is open book — you can use your manual, any Canvas materials, as well as Excel/VBA.

40% of the marks will be numerical methods (Euler, TTT, Heun); finding approximations like p.34, Q.1-3, p.37, Q.1-3, p.48, Q.1-4 (non-Excel parts of Q.4), p.60, Q.4-7.

30% of the marks will be numerical analysis; understanding these methods and their errors like p.34, Q. 4, p.38, Q.4-6. p.49, Q.5-8

15% will be neither; like p.17, Q. 1-2, p.40, Q.1-3, p.60, Q.1-3

15% will be Runge-Kutta, like p.72, Q.1-2.

MORE INFO: Added 25 February

Academic Dishonesty will not be accepted and suspected breaches, such as communication with others during the assessment, will be pursued in line with this policy (Links to an external site.)

Week 6


There are 61 minutes of lectures. You should schedule about an hour and a half to watch them and take the notes in your manual. You might need this extra time above 61 minutes because you will want to pause me. You should also take note of any confusions you have to ask about in the regular Q & A.

Lab 4

If you have not yet had a chance to look at Lab 4, but have questions, you can submit to Lab 4 Second Chance.

Theory Exercises and Q & A

p.82, Q. 1-3

Q & A to ask about Theory Exercises or anything else every Tuesday 12.30 (waiting room open 12.25).

Week 7

There will not be much in Week 7, just a short lecture on Goal Seek for boundary value problems.


This is provisional and subject to change.

  1. Week 6, 25% First VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-4
  2. Week 7, 25 % In-Class Written Test, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-5
  3. Week 11, 25% Second VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 6-9
  4. Week 12, 25% Written Assessment(s), Based on Weeks 6-11


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

Please see Student Resources  for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc..