Test 1 Results

Are released on Canvas.

Test 2 will be in Week 11 and will examine Chapter 3 (which will be covered in Weeks 7-9).

Week 6

We finished Chapter 1 by talking about determinants and Cramer’s Rule.

We had about an hour and a half of tutorial time.


How much time you put into homework is up to you: of course the more time you put in the better but we all have competing interests. We are currently finding good time in class for you to do exercises, but this might not continue. Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email, or even better on this webpage.

I would invite you to try (as well as the Exercises suggested in Weeks 4 & 5):

  • p.94 Q.1-4
  • p.103, Q.1-13

You may have some of these as well as some of the Week 4 & 5 exercises done in class.

In addition, you can hand up your work in class and I will have it correct for the week after.

Week 7

We will try and have a Chapter 2 Concept MCQ (technology willing).

We will start Chapter 3, on Integration. We will work on material that is technically revision from last semester… but because of the rushed nature of MATH6012 I don’t expect students to be very competent in the material. But it is material that is important for Level 7.


In Week 8 we will add two further techniques of integration to your arsenal. In Week 9 we will look at some applications. We will start Chapter 4 in Week 10, and Test 2, on Chapter 3, will be in Week 11. A sample test 2 will appear in Week 9.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email.

Student Resources

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