Covid Disruption

My covid enforced absence on Monday was very unfortunate because it meant that ye lost out on possibly an hour of tutorial time for Test 2, which was scheduled for Week 11 (3 April).

I have decided that the best course of action is to postpone Test 2 until Week 12 (24 April), and try and get as much tutorial time into Weeks 10 and 11 on Chapter 3… and then you will also have Easter to work prepare for Test 2.

This isn’t a great strategy, because I would have liked ye to work on Chapter 2 over Easter, but I actually think we got some good time spent on tutorial on Chapter 2, so I think I am happy for us to pursue this plan.

15% Test 2 on Chapter 3

This will now be held at 19:00 24 April. See Canvas for more information.

Week 9

Ye were instructed to watch:


I would strongly recommend completing the following:

I would invite you to try

  • p.134, Q.1-5
  • p.141, Q.1-4
  • p.150, Q.1-3

Additional exercises p.135, Q.6-7, p.142, Q.5-7, p.151, Q.4-5

Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email. In addition, you can hand up your work in class and I will have it correct for the week after.

Week 10

We will have tutorial time on Chapter 3 up until he break and then we will blast into Chapter 4.

Week 11

Depending on how much Chapter 3 tutorial work we get done in Week 10, we might have tutorial time up to the break again and then more blasting of Chapter 4.

Week 12

We have Test 2 based on Chapter 3, and then we finish off Chapter 4. We will have no tutorial time on Chapter 4.

Week 13

We will have revision by doing the Summer 2019 paper at the back of the manual.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email.

Student Resources

Please see Student Resources for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.