15% Test 2 on Chapter 3

This will now be held at 19:00 25 April. See Canvas for more information.

Week 10

With a focus on Chapter 3, we had an hour of tutorial on that, and then blasted into Chapter 4.

We did a review of differentiation and then looked at parametric differentiation.


Homework/Study at this time should be concentrated on the Chapter 3 exercises.

There are exercises on pages 118, 123, 130, 134, 141, 150.

The more you put in obviously the better you will be at this stuff.

If you have somehow got to the stage that you feel you are fully prepared for Test 2 on Chapter 3, you could look at:

  • p.162, Q. 1-2
  • p.175, Q.1-3

with additional questions p.175, Q.4-7.

Week 11

We are going to have more tutorial time, I am going to print off copies of the sample test for ye (it is on Canvas under the Assignments button). If you want you can try the sample test during the week.

Then we are going to blast into related rates and implicit differentiation.

Week 12

We have Test 2 based on Chapter 3, and then we finish off Chapter 4 with partial differentiation and error analysis. We will have no tutorial time on Chapter 4.

Week 13

We will have revision by doing the Summer 2019 paper at the back of the manual.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email.

Student Resources

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