No MATH6055 class Friday 18 November (once off in Week 9)

The Friday C-Y tutorial will be preponed to Thursday 17 November at 11:00 in B116.

30% Test 1 – Sets & Relations – Results

These have been released in an announcement.

Week 6

We drove into Chapter 3, on Functions. We saw their definition in terms of a domain, codomain, and a set of ordered pairs. We learned that we can visualise functions with arrow diagrams (usually for small domains), and coordinate graphs (usually for functions that map reals to reals). We learned about the properties of a function: namely 1-1, onto, and bijective. We spoke about compositions.

Week 7

We will finish Chapter 3, by talking about inverses, and look at some examples of invertible functions that we will use in the chapter on Algebra… which we will also start hopefully.

We will focus in tutorial on the Test 2 material.

30% Test 2 – Equivalence Relations & Graphs

Test 2 takes place 6 p.m. Wednesday 23 November in the Melbourn Hall.

We have now completed the material for Test 2. Everything in Chapters 1 and 2 is examinable, with the emphasis on transitive and equivalence relations as well as Chapter 2. You may be required to use algebra to prove that a relation is reflexive, symmetric, or transitive.

There is a sample test on p.88 of the test. This is only to give you an idea of the type of content (but not specific questions) that will be examined. The test may be a little longer and/or harder.

Please note:

• Do not to congregate outside the Melbourn Hall until 10 minutes before the assessment is due to commence and do wait outside until you are ready to begin your assessment.

• Be mindful of groups already in the hall when entering the exam hall.

• Do not congregate in the waiting area of the Melbourn building when the assessment has finished as the noise can disrupt the students completing their assessment.

• Leave their bags in the shelved area just inside the exam hall doors – not on the floor in the exam hall lobby.  As we get busier, space will become scarce in the shelved area so if possible, only bring essential items (pens, calculators etc.) to the venue.

Academic Learning Centre

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See Canvas for the assessment plan and schedule.

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