COMP1B are required to purchase an academic manual for MATH6004. This contains a lot of the lecture notes and exercises for the module. The lecture notes contain gaps that we fill in during class. I will have notes for you for the first week but after that you must purchase the manual: the sooner the better.

The manuals can be purchased from Reprographics\Copy Centre beside the Student Centre. Note that this is a cash-free area so you will need to put the appropriate amount of funds — €8.50 — on your student card.

I will be writing in various colours, so maybe  a four colour pen would be useful.

Week 1

After first-day introductions, we started talking about sequences and sequences defined by a recurrence relation. We met a famous example, the Fibonacci sequence. We started talking about the sum of a sequence.

In tutorial we worked on recurrence relations, Q.1-9 on p.14. The following additional exercises to p.14 are important:

  • Q. 2 write F(1000) in terms of F(998) and F(997)
  • Q. 3 write C(1000) in terms of C(998) and C(997) (which includes something with just C(998))
  • Q. 4 write V(1000) in terms of V(998) and V(997) (which includes something with just V(998))

Week 2

In Week 2 we will look at arithmetic and geometric sequences in more detail, before going on to do some mathematical modelling using recurrence relations.

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See Canvas for the assessment plan and schedule. We will probably have a quiz in Week 3. Watch this space.

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