Quiz 2

The second 2.5% quiz will be 15.05 pm (SHARP), Monday 27 February in B217. The quiz will be projected on the screen, and you will write your answers on a sheet I hand out at the start of class.

The quiz will be bases on sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. You will need to know what a proposition is, you will need to understand the basic logical connectives \neg,\vee,\wedge (but not the material implication nor biconditional). You will also need to be able to complete and construct truth tables.

20% Test in Week 7

There will be a 20% Test based on the material we covered in the first five weeks.

  • Wednesday March 8th, 6-7pm, Melbourn Hall

Watch this space (or Canvas) for more information.

Week 5

We continued working on logic, defining the logical equivalence of compound propositions p and q by:

  • when p\leftrightarrow q is a tautology, we say that p and q are logically equivalent, and we write p\equiv q

We had a whole collection of “laws of logic”, which are common logical equivalencies. Your idiot lecturer has some typos here that we will correct on Monday (after Quiz 2). Like with the laws of sets, we can use these laws of logic to simplify compound propositions. Another question type is to show that two compound propositions are logically equivalent, p\equiv q. We can use these laws of logic, or show using truth tables that p\leftrightarrow q is a tautology.

On Tuesday, we had a tutorial-lecture, looking at p.36. In tutorials you worked on exercises (p.36, 41).

Week 6

We will do more simplifying using laws of logic (after Quiz 2). We will have more tutorial-lecture time on Tuesday. Then we should start argument and inference on Wednesday.

COMP1B-Y tutorial in Week 8

In Week 8, Thursday March 16, the COMP1B-Y tutorial will be held at 10:00 in A243L rather than 11:00 in C128.

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Week 3: 2.5% Quiz 1

Week 6: 2.5% Quiz 2

Week 7: 20% Test

Week 9: 2.5% Quiz 3

Week 12: 2.5% Quiz 4

70% Terminal Exam

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