Timetable Issues

The Monday class has now been switched to Tuesday 2 pm in A243L.

The week after, we were due to to have a double tutorial, 12:00 sharp to 13:40 on Monday 13 March in A207. Then on Thursday we will not have a double class, but instead just have a 09:05-09:55 class. With the timetable change, and how lectures are progressing, we will just cancel Thursday 16 March 10 am.

15% Assignment 1

This has a revised deadline. Please see Canvas.

Week 6

On Tuesday (Monday class was moved) we had some tutorial time on Chapter 2.

On Wednesday we finished Chapter 2 and then looked at The Engineer’s Transform” — the Laplace Transform.

On Thursday, in a double class, we did a survey, and then started looking at partial fractions.

Things are more serious now as we start Chapter 3. We must work hard on this material:

  1. because without doing so you could be very, very lost on 15% Assignment 2 (and 35% exam question), and
  2. because if you are going into Level 8 Structural Engineering it will be assumed that you are competent with the Chapter 3 material

Week 7

On Monday (or perhaps Tuesday, pending timetable changes), we will have a final Chapter 2 tutorial.

Then the rest of the class will be given over to partial fractions and then the inverse Laplace transform.

Week 8

On Monday, we are due to have a double tutorial.

The rest of the week will be focused on finishing Chapter 3.

Week 9

This should be a bumper week of Chapter 3 tutorials if we have finished Chapter 3. It will be in this week that we catch up as we will skip Section 3.6.

Week 10

This will be a bumper week of tutorials so that you are in great nick to do Assignment 2 over Easter.

Week 11

We will work on double integration and when we finish that section we will have tutorials.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 will have a hand-in time and date of 11:00 20 April. Assignment 2 is in the manual. Once we get someway into the examples on p.126 you should be able to make a start.

Week 12

We will work on triple integration. When finished we will have tutorial time on that topic.

Week 13, Review Week

We will go through an exam paper, answer questions, and have tutorial time as appropriate. The Monday is a bank holiday. This may or may not affect us.


Please feel free to ask me questions about the exercises via email or on this webpage.

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc..