Ye have a test Wednesday 08/12/10. Please find attached a Sample

I will not be providing solutions to this sample. If you want solutions please attend the tutorial and ask me to do a question from the sample test.

Everything covered between Test 1 and the end of the year (01/12/10), except applied maximum/ minimum problems and some of curve-sketching (i.e. everything up to definition 4.5 in Wills’ notes MS2001. ) will be examinable. Essentially everything we did from Week 5 to this Monday 22/11/10 inclusive.

Question 1 (a) will have the same format as the sample, Question 1(b) will be taken from the exercise sheets, Question 2 from a past exam paper, and Question 3 will be on definitions & theorems (presented in class and also in Wills’ notes.