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Please find a sample – (bit of a mistake here — change all the Ns to plus rather than minus).

Week 5

We continued finished our work on the Jacobi Method and the similar Gauss Siedel Method.  We summarised the five methods that we developed for solving linear systems; weighing up the pros and cons of each. Finally we started our work on Laplace Methods by talking about infinite integrals.

Week 6

Next week we will work slowly and deliberately developing our Laplace stuff. We will also have our test on Thursday.


This week coming it is, and I will be enforcing it

13:30 Groups S2 and S3 (A-L)

14:30 Groups S1 and S3 (M-Z)

Yes the following table should be A-L and M-Z not A-L and K-Z!



Diagonally Dominant Systems

We use the Jacobi & Gauss-Siedel Methods for solving diagonally dominant linear systems. I wasn’t sure where diagonally dominant systems show up in Civil Engineering but a quick Google shows me that they come up in finite element analysis. This is a technique to numerically solve differential equations that we can’t solve exactly: in some sense most useful differential equations can’t be solved exactly and finite element analysis is a method for approximating solutions.