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Yes this homework is difficult. Take inspiration from JFK:

If you have problems interpreting the questions you can ask me in tutorials or on the this webpage. For dealing with your present confusion please be inspired by Mr. Feynmann:

Tutorial Venue

I have applied to get this changed to WGB G03… I didn’t get everything. The timetable is

  • This week coming 7 March LL2
  • 14 March WGB G03
  • 21 March WGB G03
  • 28 March WGB G03

Week 8

We finished our study of the tent mapping and began our study of the doubling mapping.

Week 9

We will finish off our work on the doubling mapping and then we will start talking about complex numbers; in particular the geometry of complex arithmetic and complex dynamics.

Complex dynamics is a truly beautiful area of maths that has lovely pictures like these:


Unfortunately we will only be scratching at the surface and won’t quite get this far!


Exercises for Thursday 7 March are to look at the following. Not a whole pile of new stuff covered so some revision.

Summer 2010 Question 3 (b)

Autumn 2010 Question 3(b)

Autumn 2009 Question 3