Test 1

Test 1, worth 15%, takes place from 19:00 to 20:05 sharp, Tuesday 26 February in the usual lecture venue. There is a sample on P.45 of the notes to give you an idea of the length and layout only.

Almost everything in Chapter 1 is examinable. This means:

  • P.23, Q.1-10
  • P.32, Q.1-8 [Q.9 is too long and Q.10 is not examinable]
  • P.39, Q.1-11

Additional practise questions may be found by looking at past exam papers (usually vectors are Q. 1, sometimes Q. 2).

You will want to be familiar with all the concepts in the Vector Summary, P. 41-44.

If you want questions answered you have two options:

  • ask me questions via email, perhaps with a photo to show your work
  • ask me questions via the comment function on this website

Week 4

We had Concept MCQ about vectors and then we started looking at Chapter 2: Matrices. We did some examples of matrix arithmetic and looked at Matrix Inverses — “dividing” for Matrices. This will allow us to solve matrix equations. Here find a note that answers the question: why do we multiply matrices like we do?

Week 5

We have our test and then we will talk about linear systems, and determinants.

It is likely that we will once again not have tutorial time.

Tuesday 19 March 2019, Week 8

It is very likely that I will not be able to give this class. Options might include Wednesday 20 March, and the Tuesdays in Easter. Watch this space.

CIT Mathematics Exam Papers

These are not always found in your programme selection — most of the time you will have to look here.

Student Resources

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