VBA Assessment 1

VBA Assessment 1 is taking place this week, Week 6.

Tuesday 14:20-16:00 will run 14:20-16:10

Friday 09:05-10:45 will run 09:05-10:55

More information in the Week 4 weekly summary.

In the Week 5 VBA we worked on Lab 3. Those of us who did not finish the lab are advised to finish it outside class time, and are free to email me on their work if they are unsure if they are correct or not.

Written Assessment 1

Written Assessment 1 takes place Tuesday 12 March at 09:00 in the usual lecture venue.

Here is a copy of last year’s assessment. This should give you an idea of the length and format but not what questions are coming up – and replaces Section 1.6.1 of the manual.

However there are far more things I could examine.

Roughly, everything up to but not including Runge Kutta Methods (p.64). Some examples of questions I could ask include:

ODEs in Engineering

p.13, Examples 1-4; p.15, Q.1-4

General Theory

Example, p. 15; p.34 Example

Maclaurin/Taylor Series

Examples 1 & 2 on p. 24; Q. 1 on p.27

Euler Method

p.29, Examples 1-4; p. 38, Q.1-5, 8-9

Three Term Taylor Method

p. 35, Examples 1-2; p.39, Q.7, 10-14

Heun’s Method

p.38, Q. 6; p. 42, Examples 1-2l p. 47, Q.4-5

Second Order Differential Equations

p.50, Example. p.51, Example. p.55, Q. 1-3, 5-14

Week 6

We looked at boundary value problems (in particular the Shooting Method and Goal Seek).

In VBA we have VBA Assessment 1.

Week 7

We will do a (written) Shooting Method example and then look at finite differences.

In VBA we have MCQ V and do the Runge Kutta lab.


The following is a proposed assessment schedule:

  1. Week 6, 20% First VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-4
  2. Week 7, 20 % In-Class Written Test, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-5
  3. Week 11, 20% Second VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 6-9
  4. Week 12, 40% Written Assessment(s), Based on Weeks 1-11


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

Please see the Student Resources tab on the top of this page for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.

Ungraded Concept MCQ League Table

To add a bit of interest to the Ungraded Concept MCQs, I will keep a league table.

Unless you are excelling, you are identified by the last five digits of your student number. AW is the number of attendance warnings received.


Please ask questions in the lab about questions you have gotten wrong.