Test 2

Test 2, worth 15% and based on Chapter 3, will now take place Week 12, 30 April. There is a sample test [to give an indication of length and layout only] in the notes (marking scheme) and the test will be based on Chapter 3 only.

More Q. 1s (on the test) can be found on p.112; more Q. 2s on p. 117; more Q. 3s on p.125 and p.172, Q.1; more Q. 4s on p.136, and more Q. 5s on p. 143.

Chapter 3 Summary p. 144.

Please feel free to ask me questions via email or even better on this webpage.


Once you are prepared for Test 2 you can start looking at Chapter 4:

  • Revision of Integration, p.161.
  • p.167, Q. 1-5
  • p.182

Week 11

We had some tutorial time from 18:00-19:00 for further differentiation (i.e. for Test 2, after Easter).

We completed our review of antidifferentiation before starting Chapter 4 proper.

We looked at Integration by Parts and centroids.

For those who could not make it here is some video and slides from what we did after the video died.

Week 12

We will have some tutorial time from 18:00-19:00 for further differentiation.

We will have Test 2 from 19:00-20:05.

Then we will look at completing the square, centres of gravity, and work.

Week 13

We will look the Winter 2018 paper at the back of your manual.

CIT Mathematics Exam Papers

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