Assessment Corrections

I cannot promise at this point when these will be completed. It is my intention to have these corrected before the end of Week 9. Watch this space.

Assessments 3 and 4

I will give proper notice for VBA Assessment 2 by the end of Week 9 and for Written Assessment 2 during Easter.

Week 9


There is a longer, more in-person (old, last year) version of the above material: 

Lab 7

See VBA Lab 7

Theory Exercises and Q & A

Q&A on Tuesday as normal:

p.97, Q. 1,2 and p. 98 exercises

Week 10

I have linked here to last year’s videos but will be recording fresh videos. How different they will be I am not too sure.


Week 11 and 12


None. Perhaps additional tutorial time in Week 11 for Written Assessment in Week 12.


We will do our last lab, Lab 8 in Week 10. VBA Assessment 2 in Week 11.


This is provisional and subject to change.

  1. Week 6, 25% First VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-4
  2. Week 7, 25 % In-Class Written Test, Based (roughly) on Weeks 1-5
  3. Week 11, 25% Second VBA Assessment, Based (roughly) on Weeks 6-9
  4. Week 12, 25% Written Assessment(s), Based on Weeks 6-10


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

Please see Student Resources  for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc..