You have to put regular time to work on Chapter 3:

  1. because without doing so you could be very, very lost on 35% Assignment 3, and
  2. because if you are going into Level 8 Structural Engineering it will be assumed that you are competent with the Chapter 3 material

You need to get cracking on Chapter 3.

Assignment 1 & 2 Corrections

I am experiencing a hardware issue at the moment and it is making it difficult to get corrections done.. My promise is to complete corrections of both Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 before the end of Week 9. Sorry for the delay.

Week 9


No lectures in Week 9. If you are behind please put big time into Chapter 3, catching up.


If you are up to date on the Week 7 exercises, put some time into:

  • p.127, Q.1-11

Additional exercises p.130, Q.12-19.

Submit work for Canvas feedback by Monday 29 March for video feedback after Tuesday 30 March.


In Week 10 you will also spend all your time doing Chapter 3 Exercises/Assignment 3. It is my intention to continue providing learning support throughout the Easter break.

Section 3.5 Systems of Differential Equations. is important for next year but I have messed up and so it will not be examined. I will record lectures and fill in the notes for ye though during Easter once I am caught up on corrections.

Weeks 11 and 12 are given over to Chapter 4. Perhaps of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Double Integrals in Week 11 and of the order of 2 hours of lectures on Triple Integrals. If I see that students have submitted Assignment 3 early I may record these earlier than Weeks 11 and 12 (or student could look at the old lectures, the ones that say “integrals” here)


35% Assignment 1 on Chapter 1 — due end of Week 5, 28 February.

15% Assignment 2 on Chapter 2 — due end of Week 7, Sunday 14 March

35% Assignment 3 on Chapter 3 — due end of Week 11, Sunday 25 April will be released soon

15% Assignment 4 on Chapter 4 — due end of Week 13/14/15, (7/14/21 May) tbd

Student Resources

Please see Student Resources for information on the Academic Learning Centre, etc.