Week 3

We then did some further study on the Euler Method. The global error with the Euler Method is \mathcal{O}(h) and we need to reduce this by coming up with a better method or adjusting the Euler Method.

We looked at the Three Term Taylor Method as a better method. To employ the Three Term Taylor Method we need implicit differentiation, which means more pen-and-paper work.

In VBA we finished off the Euler Method Lab 2. Ideally everyone should have done up to p.130.

Some students did or started Exercise 1 and/or Exercise 2 on p. 130.

Week 4

We can avoid implicit differentiation by looking at Huen’s Method, which is an adjustment of Euler’s Method in that it uses lines.

We will also introduce second order differential equations and how to attack them numerically.

In VBA we have MCQ III and look at Lab 3, on Heun’s Method.

We also looked at calculating a Maclaurin Series


See Canvas for the assessment schedule. There will be more information on assessments the Friday of the week two before the assessment week (i.e. info on Friday of Week 4 about the Week 6 assessment).

MCQ League

See how you are getting on vs your peers on Canvas.


Study should consist of

  • doing exercises from the notes
  • completing VBA exercises

Student Resources

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